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Moleskine Photo Books Gift Card


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Surprise someone with a gift card to make their own Photo Book or Album.

In the form of a pocket Cahier journal delivered by mail, you can also choose to send it to yourself and add a handwritten dedication to your chosen recipient.
Once they receive it, they will be able to use the unique code on to create a lasting memory of a project, holiday or special occasion using all their favorite images, delivered as a Photo Book or Album to their door.

All transactions are processed in US Dollars. € and $ values listed are indicative only and will be converted at the prevailing exchange rate on the date of transaction.
The value of the gift card may not cover all Photo Book formats, any outstanding balance can be paid by credit card or Paypal. Value can be applied to a product and shipping.

Each gift card is valid for one time use only, and can only be used for a single transaction at If a transaction is less than the value stated, customer forfeits any balance not used, and no credit or cash will be owing.
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